newborn · 13. January 2023
Meet little Denver, 12 days old
Denver ❤ So tiny and yet so strong!! He wouldn't give up the fingers LOL Wrapped inside his palms and very sensitive when it came to that part. He wouldn't care about you posing or dressing / undressing him, as long as fingers were not to be touched 😅 His mom is one of my dearest clients, she is patient, kind and understanding and I got the chance to meet her grandma as well which is absolutely a blast to talk to! ❤ Meet little Denver, 12 days old
10. December 2022
There should be an award for all mothers. There should be a special award for all those mothers who fought at birth for their baby and that stay strong on their post partum so they can be there for their little one and nurse and cuddle and give them all the love, attentions and protection needed. We mothers, what a blessing to this world we are. We keep the world going, we create new lives and make population grow.
07. December 2022
My son is a baby whisper for nature 😅✨ During COVID, I trained him to be my assistant because it wasn’t allow to hire and have anyone nearby babies and I grew a sense of fear and mistrust in people, especially after few bad experience with baby sitters. So he became a perfect assistant but also we found out babies naturally fall asleep into his arms. We know that male people have different heart beat rate and chest movements, so many babies find that soothing and prefer it.




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