There should be an award for all mothers.
There should be a special award for all those mothers who fought at birth for their baby and that stay strong on their post partum so they can be there for their little one and nurse and cuddle and give them all the love, attentions and protection needed.
We mothers, what a blessing to this world we are. We keep the world going, we create new lives and make population grow and sacrifice ourselves in every way possible; mentally, physically, emotionally, practically.
We never give up, we make sure we’ll be there for them and doesn’t matter the pain and struggle, we would do it all over again ❤️
Super heroes are not those seen on movies, super heroes is US mothers, with our unconditional love and sense of responsibility, setting the standards for what truly means being ✨ AMAZING ✨
Thanks mama Pipo, you inspired this post today and now enjoy these photos, you deserve them all and I’m so glad I got to be your photographer 👏🏻❤️

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