Session fee is a flat rate fee that covers the expenses and services of the photography session. 

Why? Because artistic photography sessions are not simply point-and-shoot but involved a lot of planning, preparation and consultation

before and during session.

In another word, the session fee is the fee that make your photography session unique. Ninety percent of what makes a photograph

beautiful happened before the photographer even took up the camera: customization, creativity and planning makes the difference

every single time! That's how I like to work!

I design your sessions to be an intimate and unique experience for you. 

Each session is personalized for you. 

For example, the color palette, style, and props for your session can match the style of your nursery or your home's style
(modern, rustic...)

We can decide all these details during our consultation appointment and all my high couture gowns are available in my studio, both for
pregnant clients and mothers. Newborn props: they are hand knitted with love, making sure the best quality material is used and they are
absolutely hypoallergenic and stunning. Average set (wrap, bonnet) costs me around $250 and the only way to offer such high quality and
attention to details, is to separate session fee and collections / a la carte.

So what are you paying for in your session fee beside our talents, care, and undivided attention? 

-In person consultation

-The photographer’s time and constant education (I'm also a mentor to other photographers)

- Outdoor or indoor shooting

- Props and clothing (such as handmade high quality props, gowns and clothing from best worldwide vendors and stylists)

- Custom planning your session

Via the session fee, I provide everything you would need for a memorial and emotional photography session

What you are not paying for is the deliverables themselves -- the prints, digital images, albums, wall arts and all the heirlooms

(please ask for my pricing menu)


The reason I offer so much with our sessions is that it takes a lot more than just showing up, in order to get the very best portrait.

Making real connections with the families I work with is an important part of my work

I take care of every little detail (posing, outfit, light adjustments, perfect fine-art prints, custom framing..)


If you are interest in booking a session with us or just have questions please go to "CONTACT US" or send request to





A minimum $1000.00 investment is required for your custom portrait session.


An average Amore Photography client invests between $1500 – $3500+ in their custom artwork.





WALL ART (A la Carte) STARTS AT 750




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