NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY for me is pure and eternal.
Your baby's first days of life will be captured with a professional and delicate attention.
Newborn session will be between 5 to 14 days of life, since baby is more sleepy and tiny: this will allow me to pose them in those squishy and cute poses
you see in my portfolio. If you are expecting or know someone who is, now is the time to book your newborn session to make sure you are in my books.
Please book it during pregnancy to create a substantial connection with your photographer who will create a beautiful maternity-newborn artistic workflow!
Entrust your baby to professional photographer only: it is essential to follow all the safety rules and due precautions, besides have a high level skills in photography.



My style is posed and spontaneous at the same time. I like to create stylish, elegant and precious sessions where the woman feels gorgeous and special and think about maternity as a precious moment that enhances woman's beauty.
If you are waiting, you are probably in an emotions roller coaster: allow me to take care of you, make you feel comfortable and have fun.
It would be an experience to treasure, along with your family or for yourself only. 
Love is growing inside of you, take maternity pictures is the best way to celebrate it.

 I'm an award winning photographer from Italy, my goal is to create eternal heirlooms for you and your family, an experience you will never forget. You will love your photos and I'm honored to be your photographer.
Ideal time to take maternity pictures is between 28 to 33 weeks, according to belly's size and mama's energy.
The best is to combine maternity and newborn, to have complete and unrepeatable memories. 


BABY (sitters and toddlers)

I love to shoot sitters (9 months old) in my studio and toddlers (walking babies) outdoor!
What I love about these sessions is the spontaneous happiness and the thousand faces that I'm able to capture, usually having lot of fun and an indescribable connection between me, the photographer, and the baby. I'm very patience person and they always feel my good energy and the fact that I love them all!
You don't want to forget those chubby cheeks and feet, do not miss the chance to capture those precious moments because once they are gone,
all you ever want is to see them again and again and again!
You will create these wonderful memories not only for yourself but for them too: isn't amazing, to think that one day you'll pass these to your grandchildren? :-)     


Your family and the love you share, deserve to be captured and be passed down for generations. Nothing is more precious than this.
All these years spent with you all are been so precious and special to me, because I have been part of big emotions and gestures of love.
The high number of clients and students, positive feedback and enthusiast word of mouth, is for me a quality assurance for my new clients and
I'm very honored to offer this kind of service to you.
Nothing is random or superficial, every single session is custom planned and studied in details.
Talent and attention to details are supported by constant training, updating and an extreme passion for my job: the best job in the World.






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