Let me guide you through newborn photography in a fun, safe and relaxed way. When you photograph newborns, it is very important to master peace of mind, safe posing / wrapping, lighting. No rush, no stress that's my motto.


Each 1:1 session will take place in my  studio in Columbia, MD!

I do have an assistant that I have on hand for our first day together!
On day 1, we spend a good 8 hours posing, shooting, and learning!

I will go over newborn posing and my workflow.
I will describe how I transition baby from one pose to another and correct your angles which will make the difference. I will also explain lighting in details.

Day 2, I offer hands on learning – I am YOUR assistant today – we will refresh on anything you are uncertain about from the previous day to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time with me.

1:1 mentoring is hands on, and students will have the opportunity to pose baby with my guidance and assistance to give them a head start to implementing the skills they’ve learned.




(2200 USD + MD taxes)

  • –  Lighting and modifiers

  • –  White balance and best camera settings for newborn photography


  • –  Right and wrong angles

  • –  Flash lights (which ones and why), light modifiers and triggers.

  • –  Individual guidance regarding equipment, studio set up in your own space and what to buy if something is missing from your kit (money saving)

  • –  Studio set up

  • –  All the posing tools

  • –  Sleep techniques for newborn

  • –  Posing on beanbag

  • –  Posing on props

  • –  Posing with parents

  • –  Wrapping techniques VERY IMPORTANT

  • –  Creative corner: how to properly combine sets of colors, tips and tricks with backdrops and posing tools

  • –  Your style branding: what's that?

  • –  Marketing tools

  • –  Revealing wall: how to create one and how to use it as a great tool to make more money

  • –  Answers to your doubts and questions

  • –  Editing lesson (around 1 hour)


    Included with two days mentoring: newborn goodie bag/ client guide / snacks and drinks Lunch

  • (Transportation, overnight stay is up to student)





    Full frame camera with 50mm, 35mm, 24-70mm (all of them or at least one of these)
    Extra clothing (1 shirt, 1 pair of leggins. No jeans, you will not be comfortable)
    Don't forget to charge battery and bring extra one if you have it. SD card: two of them, suggested SanDisk class 10 with a 32GB capacity)

    To participate it is mandatory to know your camera very well since this is a professional newborn class and I won't be teaching basic photography notions (such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed or how to set your focus point)
    Please make sure you know these notions very well before booking my mentoring


ADDS ON: online editing lesson after mentoring, via zoom= 300 USD
Lesson for Outdoor maternity session= 600 USD

Lesson for Indoor maternity session= 600 USD

Lesson for indoor + outdoor maternity session= 1,000 USD


A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your workshop spot. The remaining balance is due no later than 7 days before the workshop.

As soon as deposit is made I will contact you and we can work out a date that will work for both of us for your 1:1 mentoring.

I appreciate your interest and am really looking forward to working with each of you and welcoming you into the Amore Photography family.





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