Cost: $300 USD + MD TX
Length: 2 hours

Payment method: Paypal (amorephotographybyelisa@gmail.com)

The primary focus of this private one to one tutoring is to help you achieve beautiful shadows and flawless newborn skin. We will start with breaking down your studio set-up and lighting. I will ask that you share a 360 degree video of your entire studio, including the lighting that you use, so I can provide constructive feedback on what can be improved.

You will be able to share 5 images from your portfolio and get my detailed feedback on each of those, what can be improved light and editing wise.

Dates / times for the online 1:1 session are mutually agreed on based on both of our schedules. The date & time is only locked in once full payment has been received.

Online Requirements:
- Must have access to Zoom (for online screen sharing)
- Must have a working microphone & video camera on your computer
- Must work with Photoshop CC

**Mentoring is not open to those already teaching/mentoring in newborn photography or plan to do so in the immediate future. All information provided to your during the session is confidential and cannot be shared with other people.
By signing up you must agree to these terms and conditions**




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