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Your Custom photography session is a period of time spent together that is will planned out in advance.

From the detailed contract questions where you can submit images of you nursery or inspiration images from my work that you'd like to replicate, to our time together where we decide on specific couture wardrobe you'd like used..... these images are YOURS to keep FOREVER.


Newborn sessions take about 3-4 hours and cost $300 session fee where all other sessions are about 1-2 hours in duration and cost $250 session fee.

Session fee (which is also retainer fee) covers the time and talent of the photographer and all images and products are purchased separately thru your collection purchase. My clients invest between $1500- $3500 and they value luxury service and printed heirlooms but most of all, they believe in quality rather than quantity: one day, these irreplaceable memories will pass to your children and grandchildren, so make sure they are the best quality you can have and that they carry the right emotional message you want them to feel when seeing, touching and smelling them.


Collections range from $990-$2990. Wall Art starts at $390


The COLLECTION or A LA CARTE PRODUCTS is what you will take home and that will allow you to have beautiful

printed heirlooms of your pregnancy, baby and family


My clients come to me because they see the value in printing and displaying their images.
Sure, digital images are great for social media but.. after that, what's left for you in your hands?

Will they ever actually make it off of your hard drive?

My clients hire me to ensure their family's memories fill their home and remind their children each day of how much

they are loved. It is indeed a precious legacy you are making for them.


I'm here to make your home beautiful with handcrafted products made in Italy

To ensure that your families story is told from the very beginning and for generation and that

you can all relive these moments forever.




Look forward to meet you Emoji



Do you provide all the newborn clothes and props?


YES! I have an utter OBSESSION with finding high couture gown and unique baby props that will safely fit your newborns and small babies/children.  When you arrive at the studio, you'll thumb thru HUNDREDS of couture, all custom-made teeny-tiny newborn outfits to choose from.
While I typically have a session planned prior to your arrival based on your contract specifics and requests, you can ALWAYS choose some wardrobe upon arrival


This is one I get a lot!
While I'm mostly known for my specialized work with maternity and sleepy newborns under the age of 15 days new, I do take on older babies, children and family sessions when time allows. MOST of my sessions that aren't newborns, are from repeat clients. On a limited basis, I will take on new clients for non-newborn sessions - just depends on the time of year and how busy my calendar is :-)

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