The following items might be purchased in addition to your chosen collection

TENEREZZE (5 photos)
AMORE (10 photos)

CUORE (15 photos)

DIAMANTE (20 photos)

{Please ask price list to purchase one of my Collection}

The  AMORE BOX  consists in a memory box (blush for girls / dusty grey for boys) which contains you beautiful images printed on a museum grade, archival fine-art papers. Digitals will be contained in a pretty high-quality USB, same color as box. 
This product comes with AMORE, CUORE and DIAMANTE Collections (please see my price list)

AMORE SHOWCASE  is a very unique heirloom that contains 10 or 20 fine-art prints (5x7"), beautifully framed with slip-in mats (8x10")
Its wooden box come in natural or white color, according to Client's taste

You can order AMORE SHOWCASE only after purchasing my AMORE or DIAMANTE Collection

-with 10 images: $ 1,300 
-with 20 images: $ 1,600

When purchasing AMORE or DIAMANTE Collection, specify if you'd like to have AMORE SHOWCASE in addition to standard Collection (comes with AMORE BOX, see above) or not. In case you want to substitute the AMORE BOX with AMORE SHOWCASE, prices are the following:


-with 10 images: $ 1,000
-with 20 images: $ 1,300

SCATOLINA  is a high-quality USB drive with its own handmade box. If you want to storage your digitals in a safe and beautiful way, purchase SCATOLINA in addition to your prints. It is customizable with baby / family name

Price: $ 350 

AMORE BOOK  is a handmade story book in addition to your CUORE or DIAMANTE Collection.
It is beautifully contained inside a white wooden box and it is specifically created for families, since allows Client to add an AMORE book for each session
(it will look like a beautiful series!). 5x7" fine-art prints are framed by elegant white mats.

Price: $ 1,200 (each book)




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